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Sheeted Materials Explained


STANDARD WHITE INKJET/LASER PERMANENT Our Standard White Inkjet/Laser Permanent material is the "bread and butter" of our label product selection. This ultra-white stock is designed for color inkjet printers, black-and-white laser printers, copy machines and commercial offset printing presses. It is free of lignins which can cause the label to yellow over time. This label's acrylic adhesive is ideal for sheet applications. Our Standard White Inkjet/Laser Permanent material also offers superior layflat properties.

STANDARD WHITE INKJET/LASER REMOVABLE Our Standard White Inkjet/Laser Removable Material allows labels to be adhered and removed without damaging the label or surface. The paper stock is free of lignins which can cause the label to turn yellow over time. We use a machine-finished paper stock with high absorbency. The adhesive is made of a special rubber-resin combination and works well with rough and curved surfaces. These labels feature a slightly thicker and stronger liner than our permanent labels.

FLUORESCENT LASER PERMANENT When high visibility is key, this eye-catching label material gets the job done. Designed for use with black-and-white laser printers and copiers (this product is not intended for use with inkjet printers), these labels feature a lignin-free paper with a special fluorescent coating. The label adhesive is made from modified acrylic which allows for secure adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces. The white kraft liner is noted for its superior layflat properties, a must for smooth printing in commercial presses.

FROSTY CLEAR LASER PERMANENT For use primarily with black-and-white laser printers or copy machines (this product is not intended for use with inkjet printers). Our frosty clear laser mailing label material features a durable transparent polyester film as its face stock, which is heat and weather resistant. The acrylic-based permanent adhesive is designed for general use with synthetic label materials and is adaptable to many surfaces. The white kraft liner of this material is anti-static and offers easy removal.

GLOSSY CLEAR INKJET PERMANENT This is a glossy, clear polyester face stock that produces exceptional results in color inkjet printers. It is not intended for use with laser printers. The face material combines very good clarity with excellent heat resistance and durability. The adhesive is a general-purpose permanent adhesive with strong adhesion to many substrates, particularly corrugated surfaces. The coated liner adds to the overall stability of the label construction.

PHOTO GLOSS INKJET PERMANENT This specially-coated, glossy paper is designed for multicolor, high-resolution inkjet printing. It is not intended for use with laser printers. The print properties of the paper produce photo-quality results. This material's adhesive is made of modified acrylic and is suitable for a variety of surfaces. The white kraft liner features good layflat properties for stability and smooth printing performance in commercial sheetfeed presses.

WHITE POLYESTER LASER PERMANENT This label material features a white, coated polyester face stock. Offering superior smoothness and outstanding ink absorption, it can be used in a wide variety of label applications. The general-purpose acrylic adhesive offers good initial tack, allowing the label to adhere instantly to surfaces with a minimum of pressure and contact time. The layflat liner provides excellent dimensional stability during commercial printing.